About Us

Gridddle was created by a few puzzle fanatics as a fun way to pass the time when traveling for work. Inspired by Instagram's grid layout, beautiful photos are combined with a challenging puzzle algorithm to create a fun brain teaser.

Grid layout

The puzzle piece grid layouts are: 3x2, 3x3, 3x4, 3x5, 4x2, 4x3, 4x4 and 4x5. Over time, you will get incrementally quicker and start to develop your own logic.

All puzzles have rotable pieces and some are moving videos. Each puzzle has a difficulty rating based on the expected time to solve it.

Beautiful photos

Photos are handpicked from Pexels, Unsplash and Instagram, then converted into puzzles that work seamlessly on both mobile and desktop. Moving puzzles are created using the Ken Burns effect with panning and zooming.


Earn a Gridddle trophy (Gold, Silver, Bronze) depending on the time it takes you. Beat the expected time for gold. Be sure to brag about your puzzle prowess to your friends!

Brain teaser

Solving puzzles helps reinforce existing connections between our brain cells. It also increases the generation of new relationships. This, in turn, improves mental speed and thought processes.

Puzzles also require us to take different approaches to try and solve a problem since there's a lot of trial and error involved. We also learn the value of formulating theories, testing hypotheses, and changing our perspectives when something doesn't work out according to plan.